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Holding Hands


Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

Since we were founded in 1997, Educare Foundation (Wolverhampton) has become an important part of the community we serve.

Educare Foundation (Wolverhampton) was originally developed by Hyacinth Rowe who is also a Health Professional and wanted to improve the lives of the community in which she lived. Health surgeries were held, during which monitoring and advice was given to the community on various illnesses.

Hyacinth is now retired but has set up a sister foundation in Jamaica. Her legacy, determination and vision for the future has continued in the UK.

Educare Foundation continues to provide health monitoring to the African, Carribbean and wider community and has worked in collaboration with local pharmacies, community centres, schools and was also involved in 2010's City of Wolverhampton Exposure, where members of the team provided health information and health monitoring, while also sign posting people to different services beneficial to them.

Since its inception, Educare Foundation (Wolverhampton) has both facilitated and been involved in numerous events supporting the surrounding community.

Our organisation is proud to have some of the most charitable and dedicated people to help educate those we work with.

Contact us to learn more about what you can do to help, and become a part of the change by donating or volunteering today.

Green and Yellow


Advocating Change

Founded in 1997, Educare Foundation (Wolverhampton) inspires action and support within the local communities. We are driven by a firm belief in advocacy and the power of humanity, working hard to ease the health issues faced by those we work with.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the process of empowering people while enabling them to express their personal views and needs, thereby achieving their rights and entitlements. We also assists people in securing relevant information and knowledge, which in turn enables them to make informed choices for their health and well-being.

As we recognise the over-representation of Black people within Health services, the focus of our Educare Foundation (Wolverhampton) Advocacy Project is to empower Black people, particularly African and African-Carribbean people with health problems and also their carers.

Our Advocacy Project achieves its aims by working consistently within the boundaries of its Equal Opportunities Policy and seeking to promote good health within the African Caribbean community in Wolverhampton by

  • Raising awareness on health and culture

  • Acting as advocate on behalf of and with the emission of the African Caribbean Community

  • Enabling and empowering community members to effect changes in the individuals lifestyles 

  • Influencing change to improve the quality of health care and services provision for black minority ethnic communities


Since our beginning, Educare Foundation (Wolverhampton) has always maintained a philanthropic set of beliefs and values. Among these are a commitment, transparency, and using an innovative approach to improving the lives of people in need.

We aim to promote the knowledge and understanding of health and self-care amongst African, Caribbean and Asian people, thus minimising the effects of ill health throughout our communities.

Our objectives are to

  • Provide training and consultancy of African Caribbean health and culture

  • Develop advocay and befriending inititiates to impwer individuals to take responsibility of their own health

  • Support black led organisations to deal woth health related issues.

  • Commision research on African Caribbean health anf culuture and create a research and resource base for black minority ethnic communities.

  • Assist the comunity to define it's own health needs and interest and organise it's members collectively to meet their needs

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